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    My basic onClick="wrapText(document.getElementById)" is not working

    After some hours of looking at this,
    I have to ask ...

    I have two web sites - one with the "Editor" function working and my new site
    where the same scripting just won't work

    It isn't any difficult javascript - just the onClick function

    My basic onClick="wrapText(document.getElementById)" is not working

    I have nice little Editor strip with buttons that should wrap any highlighted text
    in BBCode

    <img class="imgbtn" src="/sys_images/bold.gif" width="21" height="20" alt="Bold" title="Bold" onClick="wrapText(document.getElementById('BodyText'),'[stg]','[/stg]');">
    It's probably easier to view the code from the source code on the url:



    If anyone can see why the simple onClick isn't working, I'd be eternally thankful

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    I get an error in the console saying that wrapText is not defined and I can't find that function anywhere - have you forgotten to include a .js file maybe?

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    Yeah, what's "wrapText"?

    Not that your page is much help with the layout being utterly banjaxed, everything crammed into a narrow ~10em or so width column on the right.

    Is it supposed to look like this, or is it falling apart from mxing-matching EM/REM with Pixels?


    Though it STILL has all the same shortcomings / broken code as last time I looked at it; just this time you're adding more JavaScript to do things that are none of JS' business. Well, along with STYLE="" on non-style (except in Chrome, which is WRONG and violating the spec) elements like OPTION... oh, I see, trying to make an editor.

    Good luck on that. You're diving into JS before you're done learning HTML. Two tips:

    1) if it's JavaScript "only", the element itself doesn't belong in the markup.

    2) 99.99% of the time you see an onevent attribute in the markup, the code is more 1997 than 2019. Either attach the event to the existing element from the script, or since said element has NO business in the markup, create the DOM element and then attach the event to it BEFORE you even put it on the live DOM.

    To be brutally frank, all those IMG tags? ZERO business in the markup, ZERO business as separate image files if you care about decent load times, ZERO business using onclick. You're writing markup that shouldn't even exist, and likely twice or more the scripting needed as well.
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