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    How to set higher maxzoom in leafletjs?

    Hi, I'm new to JavaScript so forgive me if this is simple. I'm trying to set the max zoom on a leafletjs map higher than 18 which seems to be the defult maxzoom. This is what I tried so far but the map dosen't display with the minZoom and MaxZoom options
    <div id = "map" style = "width: 900px; height: 580px"></div>
             // Creating map options
             var mapOptions = {
                center: [50.061670, 19.937876],
                zoom: 18
    		minZoom: 5,
            	maxZoom: 20
             // Creating a map object
             var map = new L.map('map', mapOptions);
             // Creating a Layer object
             var layer = new L.TileLayer('http://{s}.tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png');
             // Adding layer to the map
    I would be greatful for any advice

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    Not familiar with leafletjs, but the first thing I'd suggest is ditching the style="" that has zero business in the markup (since that's presentation), stop setting a fixed width and height and instead set a max-width (in the external stylesheet where it belongs)...

    Oh, and you have a typo. You missed a comma after the zoom: 18... Yeah, that's probably your problem. Add a comma between "18" and "minZoom".
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    Thanks for the reply, ops I didn't notice that! Unfortunately, that hasn't solved the problem


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