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Thread: Table Troubles

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    Table Troubles

    I've been working on this project for about a month, and Iv'e been having troubles with making and interacting with tables. I'm new to coding, so I have been experimenting with JS and HTML with tables in coding class. I've been wanting to make a site where you can pull different categories of a table.

    For example the first row would have it look similar to this:

    Subject Year Credits Grade

    This is the identifying row, I want to be able to use JS and HTML to be able to pick and choose either one to bring relevant data on screen.
    I categorized the data according to subject, but i want to be able to pull any other column of data through, and organize the able using wither row.

    IF anyone had any tips on where to go towards the right direction for this, it would be much appreciated.

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    Any attempts made yet?
    What is the format of the data?
    Where is the information coming from?

    There are tons of table examples on the web. Which is closest to your needs?


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