Hello everyone,

Javascript Newbie here, and I am trying to do something for my office to make our lives easier.

As part of our work, we have to fill out a LARGE number of pre-made PDF Forms for each resource in our surveys, and it takes a long time due to their size. I have found a way to export data from a database into them by exporting individual XML files for each form from the database, then importing the data into the form, which makes entry go much faster. However, it would be super if I could find a way to make them all save at once instead of *Import, Save As, Repeat* over and over. Is there a way to write a Batch Sequence that will:

1. Import Data from an XML in a folder
2. Save the filled PDF form as the text in a specific field
3. Delete the XML doc (optional), or otherwise move onto the next one
4. Repeat until there are no more XML files in the folder.

If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful! Thanks!