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Thread: PDF Generation

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    PDF Generation

    Hi, I want to use javascript to make a PDF file from a form but the research I've done on how is over my head (very new to javascript, html, and all things web design). From what I've seen, the server side generation makes no sense to me so I'd prefer something client side unless someone can explain the former in a way I understand. The majority of things I've seen are for converting whole pages, which is not what I want. I just want to be able to move the input in my form from the form to a PDF that the user can download or have e-mailed to them. Is there an easy-to-use API for this? Do I even need one?

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    What you are talking about is filling in the fields of a PDF form. (It may not look anything like an HTML form, but if its a PDF file that has reserved locations where you will plop in data, then it's a PDF form.) So far as I know, you can't do this client-side (somebody will hopefully chime in and make a liar of me). I have done it server-side, but only by using a control that we purchased. A good control should make the coding of this nearly trivial.
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    i dont think you can do it with javascipt.
    with php, i have made it and i can help you, if you're interested and you know a little php.


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