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    My switch(variable) goes straight to the default?

    I just learned javascript last week and i have been practicing it by making a choose your own adventure type game. Here is the code.
    function Player(name, health, wallet, defense) {
        this.name = name;
        this.health = health;
        this.wallet = wallet;
        this.defense = defense;
    function Monster(name, health) {
        this.name = name;
        this.health = health;
    var game = function(choice1, choice2, choice3) {
        prompt("Now what shall we do?  " + choice1 + ", " + choice2 + ", or level up " + choice3 + "?").toLowerCase();
    var userName = prompt("Welcome player! What is your name?");
    var player = new Player(userName, 100, 0, 0);
    confirm("Well " + player.name + " here is 500 gold to get you started.");
    player.wallet = 500;
    confirm(player.wallet + " gold has been added to your wallet!");
    game("SHOP", "QUEST", "STATS");
    switch(game) {
        case 'shop' :
            confirm("It works");
        case 'quest' :
        case 'stats' :
            confirm("That is not an option!");
    at the top I have the function called game that I plan on using when a player does not choose one of the cases i can use that instead of retyping the message everytime to give them the options. Problem is when you type in one of the choices it goes straight to the default option and I cannot figure out why. I have played around with it for hours and nothing seems to work.

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    There are quite a few errors in your script. Use your error console. One thing you need to know is that Javascript is case-sensitive, so SHOP != shop.
    Prompts and confirm boxes are considered to be obsolete. Don't waste time with that antiquated stuff. Rather than entering text (which at best may be mis-spelled or just incomprehensible ) use select lists for your user to choose play options.

    Confirm dialogs (if you must use them) take the form var ans = window.confirm ("Do you want to do X?"); then test the response true or false using an if statement to branch accordingly - if (ans = true) { do something, else do something else.

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    game is a function, but your switch thinks it's a string.
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    In other words, you needed to do
    switch( game("SHOP", "QUEST", "STATS") ) {
    or maybe
    var choices = game("SHOP", "QUEST", "STATS");
    switch( choices ) {
    But as Philip said, there are other errors in there. Hit the F12 key to bring up the error console and the JavaScript debugger. Learn to use both. (I prefer the versions found in the Chrome browser, but that's personal preference. All the others will work; you just have to learn to use them.)
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