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    Simple is not simple!

    Please someone help me - been on a week trying all sorts of comlicated scripts. I need to make a slider that really is simple. ALL examples online include extra css or html styles along with external references to jquery or custom js scripts. Whilst im not a complete plum i do understand the very basics of js but consider myself a master at css and html.
    I am after an absolute minimal script that is a content slider for divs with the name of "slide". When clicked the href will make the div slide to the left of the right. It needs to have a simple easing effect to its not jumpy.

    I know your probably saying there are tons out there - most use ul and li and i need the div to slide. Most have their own buttons i need to be able to do this with a href (which i understand and can customise).

    in short click the anchor link and the div nicely the slide named slide x amount to the left or right. You could be my absolute hero if you sort this pretty please i am so desperate.


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    The computer is always right. The computer is always right. The computer is always right. Take it from someone who has programmed for over ten years: not once has the computational mechanism of the machine malfunctioned.
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