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    Auto Counter Need Help

    I have made an auto typer in notepad with this code and saved it as a .vbs with this code

    set shell = createobject("wscript.shell")
    strtext = inputbox("What message do you want?")
    strtimes = inputbox ("How many time? (ENTER A NUMBER")
    if not isnumeric(strtimes) then
    lol=msgbox("Write a number next time")
    end if
    msgbox "The message will start in 5 seconds"
    for i=1 to strtimes
    shell.sendkeys(strtext & "")
    Shell.SendKeys "{Enter}"

    It works just fine, but I want to try something different. For the the strtext= inputbox I want to input a number, lets say 1, and then for strtimes = inputbox, I want to insert another number, lets say 50, then I want the autotyper to count from 1 to 50 like so
    3.. and so on
    I am a beginner coder and I really dont know where to even begin with this project, if anyone could help me out with the code, and explain it too, that would be great

    Also with this current auto typer, I dont have a way to stop it, if I want it to say "test" 50 times, it says it 50 times before it stops. Is there anyway I can add a stop function to it too?

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    wrong forum ... this forum is for Javascript, not for the Windows Scripting Host


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