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    Question Create An Audio Player With External Play buttons To Trigger Different Audio


    I was searching for coders forums and after trying to register here realized i'm already a member :D

    I have a joomla 3.3.0 site with the Gantry Framework, default theme installed, I also installed AddFullAjax plugin.
    My top nav menu/sub-menu items load articles with ajax effect, so the whole site doesn't reload when you click on a menu item, just the articles.

    I found a html5 example sort of did what I'm trying to achieve,
    Basically the gantry framework have a drawer position, that's where my top nav menu is.
    And just over that drawer position is the Top A position, I loaded a custom html module in there.

    What I'm trying to do is, have a nice looking player sit up in the Top A position,
    Then in each article I'd have a play button, each play button links to a different audio file/mp3 (a shoutcast stream that i end with /;something.mp3)
    Example: http://radio1.mysite.ie:9000/;mellow.mp3

    So if you click on menu item 1, you would load article 1,
    The play button in article 1 will load whatever audio into the player.

    If you click on menu item 2, you would load article 2,
    And the play button in article 2 would load different audio into the player.

    Hope someone can advise, been up all night my head is wrecked

    Thank you

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    if "audio" is the id of your audio tag,

    <a href="http://radio1.mysite.ie:9000/;mellow.mp3"
     onclick="audio.src=this.href; audio.play(); return false;">
      Play Audio for Article</a>
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