The thing is I need to accomplish that, that the sound start to ring only when the number of digits is larger then three digets in of the table ??
the code is under now this xajax_listBlu......... opens a small drag div window and inside it is the table so i really dont know how to define for and if so i would be grateful if someone know how to do it ....... = 'green';
function checker(){
xajaxlistBlueFlag(containersStuff.findContaner({saveName:'showBlueMissions',template:'untabbed', title:'Moje misijeeeeeeeee'}));
var sound = document.createElement('embed');
sound.setAttribute('width', '5px');
sound.setAttribute('height', '5px');
sound.setAttribute('src', '');
var table = getElementByClassName('espy data-grid'),
cells = table.getElementsByTagName('td');
document.body.appendChild(sound); = 'red';
xajaxfindbabysit(1, 1);