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    Remove part of text

    Hi all,

    I have a basic html document, in which the word "$text" is replaced by a php form emailing script to anything like "Sun|Moon|Jupiter" or "Night|Day|Morning" etc...

    My question. Using javascript, is there a way to remove all text inserted by the php script, begining with the first pipe character? So all text that remains is "Sun" or "Night" ? Please consider that in the html document I only have the word "$text". Also, please take into consideration that I am a complete javascript illiterate....

    Thank you!!

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    ...snip...in the html document I only have the word "$text".
    Makes no sense. PHP renders the HTML, it does not wonk 'on the HTML'. If you have $text in the HTML it stays that way. PHP can not change it. Only javascript can change the HTML.

    If you have access to the PHP, change it there. I think we need to see the code of the HTML and the PHP.
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