I am designing an app for my company that will allow their staff to collect data when out on site at jobs. Part of the data is collating a list of the things that need to be done. Currently, they write it down, and then upload it to their client's web portal to submit for approval. I have spoken to the client and asked, if we made an app for our staff to use, do they have an API so we can fire over the data collected straight away and avoid duplicating it by having to login to their portal and fill it all in again. The IT team just gave me a straight no, and they are not open to discussion....

So I wondered, is there a open source chrome extension, or is it possible to create one, where it can connect with our database, take all the data that has been added from the new visits to site, and then when they log on to the client's web portal, it will autofill the webpage for them to submit? The client's web portal is unlikely to change so the fields required will be the same, and we'll store it in the db in exactly same way.

Look forward to hearing from you!