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    Smile Fill color based on input

    Hello guys,

    I'm not sure if I'm breaking any forum rules as I'm just new here but it's urgent.

    I've started learning javascript today, I've tried to write a code to fill a text field with specific colours based on input in Acrobat PDF.

    What I want is when I write A into the box, field color goes red; if I write B, field color goes green and when C, color goes blue.

    I've tried many many ways, when I write this it just turns every letter I write to B with a green field.

    I'm using Acrobat Professional XI

    (function () {

    var val = event.value;

    if (!event.value){
    event.target.fillColor = color.transparent;

    else if(event.value = "B")
    event.target.fillColor = color.green;

    else if(event.value = "A")
    event.target.fillColor = color.red;

    else if(event.value = "C")
    event.target.fillColor = color.blue;


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    In your conditionals, there should be two equal signs. Two is for comparison, one is for setting, that's why it's setting every one to B (B is the first in your code.)

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