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    Exclamation on Click resize an image

    Hello, I am making a new website and i wanted to have a small image that when it was clicked it would get larger and you would be able to see the whole image. I have a height and width size in side of the image tag in the html because I need to size the image down in order to get it to look the way i want it to look. As of now I do not have any extra code on this so any ideas on how to get this done anything will be greatly appreciated!

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    You might be interested in programs called lightbox(google it) or fancybox(fancybox.net).
    If not and a roll your own is what you want follow instructions on the page: Enlarge Image On Hover CSS3 Demos | Grains of Sand - CSS & HTML5 Demos & Templates But do better at placing the larger image.
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