I have created a PDF form for my company. I have a Combo Box/Drop down box with all of our customers and the customerís info. This box is used when one of my employees is choosing a customer, which a Purchase Order is to be written. This form is accessed from a master form on our server and then the completed order is saved in an individual customerís folder. When the employee is done filling out the form he/she is sending the PDF to the customer.

Option 1: How do I code or save as, so all the customers in the Combo Box list are deleted (except the one customer which was selected) and the remaining content of the form stays editable?

Option 2: Could I code the Combo Box to access an excel document (with the customer list) on my server, at the point the form is being filled out, so when it is emailed to the customer the list of customers is no longer accessible since it is on my server.

**However, I do want the form to save the one customers information, which was selected when the form is being filled out.

Goal: I donít want Customer A to see everyone I do business with by clicking on a Combo Box of the Purchase Order I am sending them.

Thanks a bunch,
Mr. F...