sorry new to this, I'm trying to get the type to scroll with a page as you scroll down on this site:


at the moment as it scrolls the copy jumps to the left and overlaps the images, it does however scroll. (just click on any thumbnail to see the the problem.)

I have used this code:


<script type="text/javascript">
$(window).scroll(function() {
var final_top = $('#maincontainer').height() + $('#maincontainer').offset().top;
var final_pos = $('#maincontainer').height() - $(".project_text").height();
var final_mid = final_top-$(".project_text").height();

if($(document).scrollTop() >= final_mid && $(".project_text").css('top') == "auto") {
$(".project_text").css('position', 'absolute').css('top', final_pos);
} else if($(document).scrollTop() <= final_mid) {
$(".project_text").css('position', 'fixed').css('top', 'auto');


any help would be much appreciated.

thanks and a happy new year!