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    Scroll on click,help needed

    Hello,I made a navigation bar on which i got some buttons,when i click a button the screen automaticlay goes to a specific ID but it just teleports there,I want the screen to move to the ID not teleport there.
    Here is the coding:
    <a href="DOWNLOADURL" class="styled-button-2" onclick="javascript:window.location.href='#sportofolio'; return false;"> PORTFOLIO </a> (this one is the button)
    <img class="pseparator" id="sportofolio" src="C:\Senso2\portfolio-separator.png" alt="The image is missing or it could not be found"> (this is the image with the ID)

    Please help me,thanks in advance

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    You just need a progressive scrolling script like for example http://www.scripterlative.com/files/softscroll.htm.
    Such scripts should require no code in the links themselves and yours should be removed.


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