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    How to Create This Calculator using Javascript

    Hello all!

    I am new to Javacript- and for my first project i would like to re-create the functionality of this calculator (https://www.ezvip.com/events/111320/#tables-estimate) for one of my sites.

    I think in order to create it I would need to be able to reference a lookup table
    based on the state of the input fields.

    Can anyone suggest resources or tutorials that could help me learn how to do the following?

    • create a lookup table that can be used by javacript
    • reference specific values in the lookup table based on the state of three different input fields (in other words, look up a value in the lookup table based on three inputs)

    I think that would get me where I need to be- but i have never done anything in javascript or really any other language (all i know is basic HTML/CSS).

    Im excited to nerd out on this project and appreciate any insight that you all can offer.



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    I see no calculator on that page.

    You can use objects or arrays as a lookup table, if you wish.

    I suggest you learn the basics and learn how to use the language fully before you move onto harder things, though.


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