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    In replace function how do you include a space along with character.

    Hi All,

    In the first replace below the 'a' is replaced with the 'b' which is fine, but if there is a need how do you include a space so that ' a' is replaced by the 'b'.

    When I try with the second code below every space in a line of text is replaced by the 'b' as I assume the replace sees the space as an independent position and replaces it with the 'b'

    I am using the a and b for example, although I am trying to replace/remove a space before a period with just the period. In effect if this were in the text...... 'I am a space .' it would become 'I am a space.'

    without the space....
    document.getElementById("xxx").value = document.getElementById("xxx").value.replace(/a/gi,'b');

    with a space....
    document.getElementById("xxx").value = document.getElementById("xxx").value.replace(/ a/gi,'b');


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    The problem isn't the space, it's the period.

    Period is the WILDCARD character in regular expressions.

    So when you do .replace(/ ./gi,'') that says "replace every space that is followed by *ANY CHARACTER AT ALL*.

    Easy solution: "escape" the period to tell the regexp that you really *DO* want a period and only a period: .replace(/ \./gi,'')
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