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    contact form different receivers

    I have a 2 contactforms on a published website (www.kinderthuisverplegingkempen.be), now i would have one with a listbox for the contact person with value the emailadres. When selected one person, must the contact form send to this emailadress. Now on my host is no PHP, there is only a script "http://users.skynet.be/cgi-bin/formd.cgi" that i can use. The on explanation of this script is http://support.nl.belgacom.be/app/an...nlijke-website. I also want that the emailadress is hide for spambots in a javascript and the listbox gives the value in javascript to the script on the host. Is that possible ?

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    Possible, yes.

    Something like this, perhaps:
    <form method="post" action="http://users.skynet.be/cgi-bin/formd.cgi"
          onsubmit="var em=['n.be','mpe',gke','gin','ple','ver','uis','rth','nde','@ki'];
                    var s=document.getElementById('who').value; 
                    for ( var e=em.length-1; e>=0; --e) s += em[e];
                    this.to2.value=s;return true;">
    <input type="hidden" name="to2" value="" />
    <select id="who">
       <option value="Sandra">Sandra</option>
       <option value="Vanessa">Vanessa</option>
     ... then the rest of the form ...
    I cut the main email address into short pieces and then put the pieces in REVERSE order.

    Than the JavaScript code, only when the form is submitted, takes the pieces and again reverses the order before putting the email address into the form field. It prefixes the "@kinderthuisverplegingkempen.be" with the name selected from the drop down list.


    I should point out that you have two other places where you have email addresses:
        <meta name="email" content="fb612666@skynet.be">
          <!--form action="fb612666/Sandra@kinderthuisverplegingkempen.be" method="post" ENCTYPE="text/plain"-->
    I would just REMOVE those two lines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snuffel1309 View Post
    I have a 2 contactforms on a published website (www.kinderthuisverplegingkempen.be)?
    just rolls right off the tongue doesn't it. i hope you don't expect any mobile traffic, that domain won't physically fit in the url bar of my phone. i don't typically make off-topic comments, but man, you really should do something about that; i've heard 10 letters in the home page is too many, you have 30...
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