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    form.element is undefined

    This is probably a noobie question but I've been breaking my head over this one for several days.

    For some reason I keep getting the following JS error:
    TypeError: form.elements is undefined
    var checkFields = form.elements['hikashop_product_characteristic['+options[i]+']'];
    For that line.

    The page in question is:

    Basically, when you change the color that error pops up. I can't possibly see what I'm doing wrong. Everything is defined, the name for the element also exists. I'm lost...

    I would GREATLY appreciate any help

    grabbing it with jquery like this works fine in the console but not in the script itself:
    var checkFields = $("input[name=hikashop_product_characteristic\\[6\\]]");

    Nevermind solved it! escaped the double backslashes with another slash. Seems to work now.
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