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    Using Javascript in a PDF Document to import DBF file data

    Good afternoon.

    In an effort to speed up the process for completing forms in our line of work, I have been looking into using javascript to populate the PDF forms with a small bit of data from our case management software.

    I do not believe there will be any security issues as the database and access to forms are "in house" as the DBF file is stored on each work station individually and the PDF forms are stored on the server and launched by a macro in WordPerfect 12.

    I have years of experience writing macros for WordPerfect and I find that javascript has a similar look and feel, however I am very new (as in the last week) in discovering how to code javascript.

    With that said, here is what I would like to do:

    When the user launches a particular BWC form, I would like to have a button on that form that would "Populate" the form with the client's name, address, BWC Number, etc. and then print the document.

    The forms are located on the server at the location "F:\knisley pdfs\" and for this example, I'll use the form "C84.pdf". The BWC forms are all labeled similarly.

    The database file on the work station is located at "c:\ocmdata\" and the small database (approx 4kb) file is called "ocmmerge.dbf". This file contains several fields but the main ones needed will be "CLTFirst"; "CLTMid"; "CLTLast"; "BWCNUM"; "CLTAddress", etc.

    In the short term I have saved the PDF forms with text boxes labeled "firstname"; "middlename"; "lastname"; "bwcnum"; "clientaddress" etc.

    I suppose my first question is, "is this even possible?" and my second would be "Could someone show me how to accomplish this?".

    Although I do learn by example more quickly, I do not expect charity and have it "done for me" as I would actually like to learn it. Also any references or suggestions for reading would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks for your time taken in reading and/or replying.


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    Never have use JS with PDF, but maybe start with this:

    The first twp links there seem like a good start, but there are clearly many others.

    And this may be most applicable:
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