Hi i would like to remove the upload button (its a duplicate) i have one already later in the form that executes the upload.

As you can see i did comment out the upload and kept the cancel button which i need.

The issue is that the cancel button shows up but it does not execute anything, it us a dead button.

other process above this... 

this.buttons=d('<div class="ax-toolbar" />').appendTo(this.li);

/* upload button commented out so it dont show on page
        this.uploadButton=d('<a title="'+f("Start upload")+'" class="ax-upload ax-button" />').appendTo(this.buttons).append('<span class="ax-upload-icon ax-icon"></span>');

 this.removeButton=d('<a title="Remove file" class="ax-remove ax-button" />').appendTo(this.buttons).append('<span class="ax-clear-icon ax-icon"></span>');

e.hasHtml4&&(c=e.getUrl(b,0),c=d('<form action="'+ c+'" method="post" target="ax-main-frame" encType="multipart/form-data" />').hide().appendTo(this.li),c.append(a),c.append('<input type="hidden" value="'+encodeURIComponent(b)+'" name="ax-file-name" />'),this.xhr=c);


do you need to see more or is there something in this can can be changed to allow the cancel button to work but remove the upload button from view.