Thanks for all the input guys. I do agree that my professor IS NOT THE BEST PROFESSOR. I am still dumbfounded as to why there is only ONE PROFESSOR IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL that teaches this stuff. The professor is not stimulating, and makes it VERY easy for us to pass the course (which I dislike). I would love to be challenged by examples that I would gain much from and be able to take with me in a future career, but sadly this isn't the case. I know that the assignments he gives are like half-assed and doesn't teach us much, but what can I do? :\ honestly at this point I'm just trying to learn whatever he throws at us. I would go to him during office hours and he doesn't really have a sense of how he's SUPPOSED to teach the course. Whatever. Again, thank you guys.

I know the IDs and variable names don't really make sense. In other code I have made IDs/names more applicable to the code in the assignment, but this time I'm just running with what he gives us to be honest. I sifted through the little mistakes and now it works fine. I wish I had a more challenging professor. I learned Java and found that to be way more challenging than this "loosely-typed language". I have to deal with this professor next semester too *sigh*