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    iframe, opening a link in the parent frame


    i hope someone can help me, iv been making this search engine for abit now and it works as i wanted it to but if you open a link in the iframe it brings up the new page in the iframe.
    Iv read alot of forums for answers and everyone says target= "_parent" is the answer but i have no idea where to put it..


    The main Line of code that i think needs to be changed is

    output.document.write(desc[itemp].bold() +"<br>" + links[itemp].link(links[itemp])+ "<br>");

    Any help with this would be a huge help



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    WOW! Do you realize how *ANCIENT* that code is! 1997!!!!

    It's amazing that it still works in modern browsers.

    Anyway, I don't see any place in that code that mentions an <iframe>. (No wonder! <iframe> didn't exist in 1997.)

    You would be a lot better off showing us your *LIVE* web page--give us the URL to it--so we could understand what <iframe> you are talking about.
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