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    Lightbox image gallery implementation hiccup

    I am building a new photography site and have successfully implemented a lightbox on the page for single images. I am now trying to have the one image lightbox open to show more images from a group I have taken pictures of. I have been successfull to an extent. The lightbox opens and I am able to scroll though the images but the page shows style of my hidden images. My site is not live yet so I have added a screenshot. I am using the lightbox2 files. Here is my code for that section with and without hidden tags. My style sheet is also attached.

     <div class="imageRow">
        <div class="single">
        <div id='gallery'>
      		<a href="Gigi&Noah/g&n1.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"><img src="Gigi&Noah/g&n.jpg" alt=""/></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n2.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n3.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n4.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n5.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n6.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n7.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n8.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
           <a class="hidden" href="Gigi&Noah/g&n9.jpg" rel="lightbox[Gigi&Noah]"></a>
    	<div class="single">
        <div id='gallery'>
      		<a href="Alyssa/aly1.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"><img src="Alyssa/alyssa.jpg" alt=""/></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly2.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly3.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly4.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly5.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly6.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly7.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly8.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly9.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly10.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly11.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
            <a href="Alyssa/aly12.jpg" rel="lightbox[Alyssa]"></a>
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