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    Multipage View from Database


    I am pulling information from a database and want to view only 8 items on the page and the have Page 1 of xx so when I click Next it will show the next 8 items.

    Does anyone have a good place that I can go and read up on how to achieve this?

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    Google "pagination".

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    Quote Originally Posted by chellert View Post
    Does anyone have a good place that I can go and read up on how to achieve this?
    You really ought to populate that information using whichever server side language you are using to create the pages. It is not something you should be considering using JavaScript for.

    Basically when you do the query on the database one of the pieces of information that you will have available to you will be the number of entries returned in the results. Alternatively if you are going to limit the query to the number of entries that will be displayed on the page you'd do a second database query specifically to count the total results. You'd only need to do this extra call once. You can then pass the information about which page is to be displayed and how many pages there are in total when the previous or next button is pressed to request a new page.
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