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    Modify display position for script

    First I want to say that I am sort of a beginner with this and I need some help changing the position for a javascript tool tip.

    So, this is a script that displays a tooltip when hovering the cursor over a link.
    At the moment the tip is displayed beneath the link and I would like to appear above. Here is the positioning code:

    positiontip:function($, tipindex, e){
    		var anchor=this.anchors[tipindex]
    		var tooltip=this.tooltips[tipindex]
    		var scrollLeft=window.pageXOffset? window.pageXOffset : this.iebody.scrollLeft
    		var scrollTop=window.pageYOffset? window.pageYOffset : this.iebody.scrollTop
    		var docwidth=(window.innerWidth)? window.innerWidth-15 : htmltooltip.iebody.clientWidth-15
    		var docheight=(window.innerHeight)? window.innerHeight-18 : htmltooltip.iebody.clientHeight-15
    		var tipx=anchor.dimensions.offsetx
    		var tipy=anchor.dimensions.offsety+anchor.dimensions.h
    		tipx=(tipx+tooltip.dimensions.w-scrollLeft>docwidth)? tipx-tooltip.dimensions.w : tipx //account for right edge
    		tipy=(tipy+tooltip.dimensions.h-scrollTop>docheight)? tipy-tooltip.dimensions.h-anchor.dimensions.h : tipy //account for bottom edge
    		$(tooltip).css({left: tipx, top: tipy})
    I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

    Thank you,

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    Change the values in this line to suit

    var docheight=(window.innerHeight)? window.innerHeight-18 : htmltooltip.iebody.clientHeight-15;

    Instead of -18 and -15 try +18 and +15 and see what you get. Adjust further if necessary.

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