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    Question Javascript Advice


    I am writing to you all to request for some advice.

    As part of my university assignment my task is to create a website widget which pulls data from another site and presents it, maybe using RSS. Although we can use builders such as yahoo pipes, the highest marks go to those that code it from scratch. This is where I need advice.

    The widget's chosen theme by myself is Trance music, so perhaps pulling an RSS showing the latest new releases.

    I can't find many coding tutorial for anything similar to this. Do you have any links to tutorial which may be appropriate?

    Is Javascript best for this or should I use XML or another language?

    If anyone has any advice I would appreciate this.

    I just need to get the ball rolling.

    Kind Regards,

    Nicholas Crane

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    piped replaces server-side code, something that's not going to be easy to do using javascript. You will have to find an RSS feed that uses CORS if you want JS alone to fetch it.

    on the other hand, there are lots of jsonp music APIs out there that you can use to get album info, artist photos, etc. freedb, musicbrainz, archive.org, and to a lessor extent lastFM, which has predictable URLs (good with iframes) but no JSONP/CORS api...

    you can use an <audio> tag to platy music from anywhere, so prehaps that can be your unique selling point instead of an RSS collector. OTOH, If you do use RSS and YQL/pipes, podcasts open the vault to tons of <audio>-friendly music URLs via the enclosure tag.

    i would think a playlist-based audio app with artist info and news would make a good impression.
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