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    editing stopWithAlert for checkbox status

    I am editing html/php/js code written by someone no longer with my organization. The item I am working with is a form. One of the form items is a checkbox that returns a value of "Yes" and posts that in the mysql db if checked. That is working. The .js script attached reviews the forms and returns a stopWithAlert value on required fields. It is working on previous values but I am trying to add one for the checkbox and I can't get it to work. It allows db submission if the checkbox is checked or not. I am a beginner at php and know very little about javascript.
    Here is the code for the form item:
    <p><strong><input type="checkbox" id="infocheck" name="infocheck" value="Yes" >I have reviewed all my entries above, and included all author and manuscript information as required.</strong></p>
    and here is the verify from script. The infocheck part is the one that is not working:
    function verifyForm() {
    	var requiredPeopleFields, pplErrs, a, b, c;
    	requiredPeopleFields = ["first_name", "last_name", "department", "institution", "address", "city", "country", "phone", "email"];
    	pplErrs = personObj.peopleErrors(requiredPeopleFields);
    	if (pplErrs) { return stopWithAlert("Please fill in this presenter's "+personObj.labelForField(pplErrs.name)+".", pplErrs); }
    	if (realForm.title.value == '') return stopWithAlert("Please enter the title of this manuscript.", realForm.title);
    	else if (realForm.keywords.value == '') return stopWithAlert("Please list a few keywords that apply to this manuscript.", realForm.keywords);
    	else if (realForm.manuscript.value == '') return stopWithAlert('Please attach your complete manuscript.', realForm.manuscript);
    	else if (realForm.blind.value == '') return stopWithAlert('Please attach your "blind" manuscript.', realForm.blind);
    	else if (realForm.infocheck.value == 'Yes') return stopWithAlert('Please review and approve your entry.', realForm.infocheck);
    	//Otherwise, looks good!
    	return true;
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    realForm.infocheck.value == 'Yes'


    realForm.infocheck.checked == true
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    Genius! That is it. Actually, I want to use false so the message shows up if they don't check the box. It seems really obvious now that I see it since I know the checkbox returns a true/false value, but it really had me stumped because I had the value of yes in my head as necessary to it. Thanks bunches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by learning curve View Post
    It seems really obvious now that I see it since I know the checkbox returns a true/false value
    Not true. On the server side of things, the page that *receives* your <form> submission: A checkbox returns the value= of the checkbox if checked and *NOTHING AT ALL* if unchecked. If you don't assign a value= of your own, the browser supplies a default value (as I recall, it is "on") for you.

    No place does a checkbox "return" a true/false value.
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