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    fetching data to local cache with javascript

    I found this code to fetch stock quotes and save them as a csv in a local cache, however no matter what i do i cannot get it to actually retrieve and save the data. Any suggestions as to where its failing would be greatly appreciated.

    // Original script by Walter Heitman Jr, first published on http://techblog.shanock.com

    // List your stocks here, separated by commas, no spaces, in the order you want them displayed:
    $stocks = "ANZ.AX,BHP.AX,NAB.AX";

    // Function to copy a stock quote CSV from Yahoo to the local cache. CSV contains symbol, price, and change
    function upsfile($stock) { copy("http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=$stock&f=sl1d1t1c1ohgv&e=.csv","../stockcache/".$stock.".csv"); }

    foreach ( explode(",", $stocks) as $stock ) {

    // Where the stock quote info file should be...
    $local_file = "/stockcache/".$stock.".csv";

    // ...if it exists. If not, download it.
    if (!file_exists($local_file)) { upsfile($stock); }
    // Else,If it's out-of-date by 15 mins (900 seconds) or more, update it.
    elseif (filemtime($local_file) <= (time() - 900)) { upsfile($stock); }

    // Open the file, load our values into an array...
    $local_file = fopen ("/stockcache/".$stock.".csv","r");
    $stock_info = fgetcsv ($local_file, 1000, ",");

    // ...format, and output them. I made the symbols into links to Yahoo's stock pages.
    echo "<span class=\"stockbox\"><a href=\"http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=".$stock_info[0]."\">".$stock_info[0]."</a> ".sprintf("%.2f",$stock_info[1])." <span style=\"";
    // Green prices for up, red for down
    if ($stock_info[2]>=0) { echo "color: #009900;\">&uarr;"; }
    elseif ($stock_info[2]<0) { echo "color: #ff0000;\">&darr;"; }
    echo sprintf("%.2f",abs($stock_info[2]))."</span></span>\n";
    // Done!

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    Wrong forum. There is not ONE SPECK of JavaScript code in this.

    Will some moderator please move this to the PHP forum??

    And small.j: You do know this code will only work if (a) saved as a ".php" file (NOT ".html"!!!) and (b) you have PHP enabled on your web server?
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