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    Retrieve a div inside a div

    I've written a Greasemonkey script to replace the Firefox title bar at woot.com with the item, price, and % left - http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/137091 The problem is that it only works on the main woot-off page - if home.woot is also having a woot-off, you still get the item name from the main page.

    Here is the source at home.woot:
       <div class="offer woot-off ">
      <a class="info" href="http://home.woot.com/offers/smiths-electric-knife-sharpener-7#ref=home.woot.com/header/tab@3.9-home/daily">
      <div class="label">It's a Woot Off</div>
      <div class="title">Smith's Electric Knife Sharpener</div>
      <div class="price">
      <span class="price">$39.99</span>
      <span class="list-price">$99.99</span>
      <span class="percentage">60% off <span class="list-price-label">List Price</span></span>
    I have tried several different ways to retrieve the title. Right now, I have:
    var subpageItem = document.getElementsByClassName("offer woot-off ").getElementsByClassName("title")[0].innerHTML;
    What is the proper syntax? This seems like it should be so simple, but I'm just not getting it.

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    The problem you have is that the top div in your HTML contains two classes "offer" and "woot-off" but you are searching for "offer woot-off ") which is an invalid class name because class names cannot contain spaces. Because it is invalid that nodelist will be empty.
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