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    Help needed with input script.


    I am not a Javascript person at all, but I found a script that does everything I need which is to take a URL get variable and put it into a form input field. The only problem is that the input field name that I need to get the variable posted too has periods in the input name (entry.24.single), and I cant simply change the name on the input field as I am using this in a custom google form input page.

    So here is the line of code that is creating the problem. The InputName needs to be changed to entry.24.single, and I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.

    document.forms.MyForm.InputName.value = GETDATA["foo"];

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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    Leaving aside the fact that the form should not have a name but rather an ID:

    document.forms.MyForm[ "entry.24.single" ].value = GETDATA["foo"];

    When you change to an ID:

    document.getElementById( "MyFormID" )[ "entry.24.single" ].value = GETDATA["foo"];
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