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    Calling multiple XML files depending on what the user clicks on


    I would like to set up a keyboard style buttons so when a user click on ‘A’ for instance the output from an XML file is displayed in another DIV on the page.

    I have achieved the calling of an XML file using JS and displaying the data in another DIV for one letter however I am struggling to work out how to get it to call different XML files based on the letter selected.

    I am new to JS and have not yet sat down to learn the fundamentals so I apologise in advance for any acts of a newbie poster. In my head this should be fairly simple and if I were learn JS properly rather than grabbing snippets it would make sense. From what I have read I would need to write an array but am at a loss as how to go about this.

    My Code;

    From a *.js file

    From a *.php file

    <button class="keys">a</button>
    <button class="keys">b</button>
    <button class="keys">c</button>
    So there will be the below XML files to call based on what the users clicks on;

    clicks on 'A' > xml/knowledge_base_a.xml
    clicks on 'B' > xml/knowledge_base_b.xml
    clicks on 'C' > xml/knowledge_base_c.xml

    As mentioned it currently works for _a.xml but I am unsure how to vary it based on the user click vs the XML file required.

    Thank in advance

    Hopefully I can give some love back in the CSS/HTML forum.

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    I am giving you pure javascript for this not jquery as you have. This is how to detect a key press and gets what key was pressed. This code uses an input box, but if you remove the comment on the first js line you will get the alerts if a key is typed anywhere. FYI the anywhere thing does not work in IE, use the box.

    Code goes in <body>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function displayunicode(e){
    var unicode=e.keyCode? e.keyCode : e.charCode
    //alert(unicode);  // USE THIS TO SEE THE CODES
    if (unicode == 65) alert("its an A"); // INSTEAD OF AN ALERT USE THIS TO CALL THE XML
    if (unicode == 66) alert("its an B");
    if (unicode == 67) alert("its an C");
    if (unicode == 68) alert("its an D");
    <input type="text" size="2" maxlength="1" onkeyup="displayunicode(event);" />
    PS: onkeyup and onkeydown are the only things that work.

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    Thanks for the reply - I will work though and report back. Thanks again


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