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    Converted actual UTC time is outputing incorrectly 1 month ahead of actual time

    In the mysql db, the last_mod_datetime value is correct. No timezone config issues. Can somebody tell me what is wrong with my conversion function "getLastDateMod" above where the output is adding 1 month to the actual date?

    function getLastDateMod(_date){
    var ret = "";
    if (_date){
    ret = _date.formatToDate("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss[\+,\-][0-9][0-9]?:[0-9][0-9]?").format("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm");
    ret = "";
    return ret ;

    Additional code:
    name: getLocaleAttribute(RS_METADATATEMPLATES, "TXT_last_modified", "METADATATEMPLATES"),
    canResize: true,
    canSort: true,
    sortField: "last_mod_datetime",
    field: "lastModifyTime",
    formatter : getLastDateMod,
    width: '20%'

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    Months in Javascript are 0 (January) -11 (December).

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