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    Google Adwords Javascripting: automated pausing and enabeling of ads

    I am wondering if people here are familiar with Google Adwords? What I want to do is the following:

    I work in a small buisness in which we auction products through our website. On Google Ads we have a seperate ad for every auction. The problem is though that once an auction ends the ad doesn't and we have to manually pause the ad. After a day or two we have a new auction with the same product, so we use the same webpage, and then we have to manually enable the ad.

    Maybe this simple representation clarifies it:
    Auction starts
    Google Ad enabled
    Auction closes
    Google ad paused
    Auction starts
    Google Ad enabled

    If you are wondering what happens to the webpage once an auction has ended: the webpage gives a message that the page doesn't exist.

    I think that the easiest solution is to tell Google Adwords to periodically check the webpage of each auction. If the errormessage is shown than it should diactivate the ad, if the errormessage is not shown it should enable the auction. Or if periodically is not possible, then the script is activated manually and once activated checks all the ads at that moment. Activating one script manually is still way better than checking every single ad individually.

    I know that the prettiest solution is to link Adwords with our database and use that as the basis, but I fear this is way too much coding.

    By the by, I know I should really convice my boss to hire someone to make this script, but he's too cheap to do it and is content in making the interns do it manually. So hopefully some of you can help me. Thanks in advance :)
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