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    Can someone help me with this language translator?

    I've been trying to make this language translator for a language i've been creating for a story. I got the base code online from someone else's translator and I can't figure out why it's making up it's own words every once in a while even though I have that word specifically in the code. like I have "water" in there as "retwa" and it comes up as "wstayer" and I don't know why. Sorry that there are so many words in there, but i think it plays into my problem. Here's the code:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>Ideenian Translator</title>
    <p><H2><center><font color="#8306CC" face="Freestyle Script" size="20">
    Ideenian Translator</center></H2></p>
    <p><font color="D9270F" face="Gabriola" size="7">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var wordPairs = [
    ["a", "sa"],
    ["agree", "disenro"],
    ["air", "anim"],
    ["all", "lal"],
    ["allow", "wolit"],
    ["also", "aka"],
    ["am", "wa"],
    ["and", "nec"],
    ["angry", "grapy"],
    ["animal", "nanan"],
    ["answer", "quoner"],
    ["apple", "plepa"],
    ["are", "sonar"],
    ["aside", "dina"],
    ["ask ", "peto"],
    ["at", "tay"],
    ["ate", "te"],
    ["away", "yawan"],
    ["band", "nabna"],
    ["bath", "thab"],
    ["bathe", "thabay"],
    ["be ", "eb"],
    ["become", "motus"],
    ["bed", "cubal"],
    ["bee ", "eeb"],
    ["begin", "incepto"],
    ["believe", "putov"],
    ["belt", "blehteh"],
    ["best", "bonta"],
    ["book", "bok"],
    ["borrow", "rotumu"],
    ["box", "blan"],
    ["break", "erf"],
    ["breath", "santin"],
    ["bring", "rinto"],
    ["brother", "soha"],
    ["but", "et"],
    ["buy", "chay"],
    ["can", "nac"],
    ["carry", "ray"],
    ["change ", "jetio"],
    ["cold", "doona"],
    ["color", "roloc"],
    ["come", "mec"],
    ["come", "meco"],
    ["cool", "looin"],
    ["correct", "rotsek"],
    ["crazy", "zycra"],
    ["creature", "turan"],
    ["creepy", "peecyr"],
    ["crystal ", "katyr"],
    ["day", "yad"],
    ["death", "thead"],
    ["do", "odi"],
    ["dress", "dreeah"],
    ["dry", "dren"],
    ["earth", "lethra"],
    ["eat", "ta"],
    ["egg", "geh"],
    ["eight", "tet"],
    ["end", "nedn"],
    ["evil", "mwaha"],
    ["father", "dira"],
    ["feel", "tago"],
    ["fine", "nifa"],
    ["fire", "rifelin"],
    ["fish", "shif"],
    ["five", "vif"],
    ["fix", "ify"],
    ["flower", "reflow"],
    ["food", "odof"],
    ["for", "ga"],
    ["four", "rof"],
    ["fresh", "shefeh"],
    ["Friday", "dirfy"],
    ["friend ", "nolaf"],
    ["from", "ab"],
    ["go", "ogg"],
    ["good", "dool"],
    ["goodbye", "tasen/tas/en"],
    ["grass", "snaf"],
    ["happy", "peeha"],
    ["hat", "tah"],
    ["hate", "tahee"],
    ["have", "vah"],
    ["he", "eh"],
    ["heal", "leah"],
    ["hear", "reah"],
    ["hello", "tasai/tas/ai"],
    ["here", "reh"],
    ["his", "sih"],
    ["hot", "toen"],
    ["house", "sohs"],
    ["how", "woni"],
    ["hungry ", "nuhryg"],
    ["I", "ni"],
    ["in", "nis"],
    ["is", "si"],
    ["it", "jina"],
    ["job", "obij"],
    ["just", "stuj"],
    ["know", "peco"],
    ["lay", "yali"],
    ["leaf", "flekin"],
    ["life", "tiva"],
    ["light", "gith"],
    ["like", "keyan"],
    ["little", "tili"],
    ["look", "okol"],
    ["loopy", "pyloo"],
    ["lot", "tolin"],
    ["love", "lolam"],
    ["Me", "mah"],
    ["Monday", "donmy"],
    ["moon", "noom"],
    ["morning", "minorg"],
    ["mother", "diha"],
    ["Myself", "glof"],
    ["nature", "renta"],
    ["my", "ni"],
    ["night", "tinta"],
    ["nine", "nin"],
    ["no", "na"],
    ["not", "dah"],
    ["of", "fon"],
    ["ok", "kona"],
    ["on", "la"],
    ["one", "na"],
    ["or", "vel"],
    ["our", "ro"],
    ["out", "tu"],
    ["pants", "saytah"],
    ["plant", "tanlep"],
    ["power", "repo"],
    ["pretty", "typra"],
    ["pull", "teef"],
    ["pyrimid", "primy"],
    ["right", "nogra"],
    ["royalty", "lortai"],
    ["sad", "dashinga"],
    ["same", "nill"],
    ["Saturday", "dusty"],
    ["say", "oros"],
    ["school", "skol"],
    ["seven", "vensa"],
    ["she", "esh"],
    ["shirt", "showana"],
    ["shorts", "showta"],
    ["sick", "keena"],
    ["silly", "silin"],
    ["sister", "soma"],
    ["six", "ix"],
    ["skirt", "skowana"],
    ["smell", "lesh"],
    ["so", "nas"],
    ["song ", "sara"],
    ["sorry", "trislus/tris"],
    ["start", "sar"],
    ["sun", "nus"],
    ["Sunday", "dunsy"],
    ["thankful", "nemus"],
    ["thankyou", "nemoy/nem"],
    ["the", "eth"],
    ["there", "rethe"],
    ["this", "ith"],
    ["three", "ret"],
    ["through", "ruh"],
    ["throw", "wot"],
    ["Thursday", "dusthy"],
    ["to", "ot/oto"],
    ["toward", " ervas"],
    ["true ", "resai"],
    ["Tuesday", "desty"],
    ["two", "twon"],
    ["until", "ad"],
    ["up", "puin"],
    ["very", "revy"],
    ["warm", "mar"],
    ["was", "aws"],
    ["Water", "retwa"],
    ["Wednesday", "denwy"],
    ["wet", "tweh"],
    ["when", "lin"],
    ["with", "nai"],
    ["word", "darin"],
    ["would", "delow"],
    ["write", "aiter"],
    ["yes", "weys"],
    ["you", "oy"],
    ["your", "ory"],
    ["zero", "roz"],
    ["call", "vor"],
    var textInput;
    var str;
    var direction;
    function checkText(str)
    	str = document.getElementById('txtIn').value.toLowerCase();
    	direction = document.getElementById('directionSelect').selectedIndex;
    		for(i=0; i < wordPairs.length; i++)
    			str = str.replace(wordPairs[i][0],wordPairs[i][1]);
    		for(i=0; i < wordPairs.length; i++)
    			str = str.replace(wordPairs[i][1],wordPairs[i][0]);
    	document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = str;
    <body background="Magic Forest.jpg">
    <input type="text" id="txtIn" />
    <button id="convertBtn">Translate</button>
    <select id="directionSelect">
    <option>English to Ideenian</option>
    <option>Ideenian to English</option>
    <div id="result"></div> 
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