To anyone that can help me, Good Afternoon (NZ TIME)

I am in the process of configuring a webpage that generates a URL when you input certain information.

I am using the Facebook Page Tab Tutorial to make this easy page for adding tabs to pages quickly.

Anyway. This is what I've done so far: You can also see it in action.

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeText2(){
    var yourAPPID = document.getElementById('yourAPPID').value;
    var yourSOURCEURL = document.getElementById('yourSOURCEURL').value;
    var lnk = document.getElementById('lnk');
    lnk.href = "" + "?app_id=" + yourAPPID + "&next=" + yourSOURCEURL;
    lnk.innerHTML = lnk.href;
Here is the insert tab URL: --> <a href="" id=lnk target="_blank">nothing here yet</a> <br> <br>
What is the APP ID?      <input type='text' id='yourAPPID' value='Your APP ID' onKeyup='Javascript: if (event.keyCode==13) changeText2()'/> <br>
What is the SOURCE URL?  <input type='text' id='yourSOURCEURL' value='Your SOURCE URL' onKeyup='Javascript: if (event.keyCode==13) changeText2()'/> <br> <br>
<input type='button' onclick='changeText2()' value='Change the insert tab URL'/>
What I want to do
  • Make pressing the enter key/clicking the button automatically go to the generated 'insert tab URL' (maybe after a certain time, say 3 seconds). This is the lnk variable. The enter key is keyCode==13.
  • Part One - Incorporate the enter key/clicking button going to page after 3 seconds, and;
    Part Two - Adapt this 'update as you go' search box code to do the same as what i have already done, shown earlier. Use the same variables yourAPPID, yourSOURCEURL and name the function changeText2(). Delete/Change the variables etc... as required to match the webpage code I have already done.

<a id="reflectedlink" href=""></a>
<input id="searchterm"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
    var link= document.getElementById('reflectedlink');
    var input= document.getElementById('searchterm');
    input.onchange=input.onkeyup= function() { '?q='+encodeURIComponent(input.value); link.href;
All help is gratefully appreciated and I am new to this sort of thing

I look forward to a reply.

Kind Regards,
Mark Wasley