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    setInterval to add message?

    So basically what I'm trying to do here is use javascript and setinterval to create a facebook message with messages created in an array in the javascript so it's just a matter of iterating over the array and outputting each 'message' in the array. I want to also increase the height of the message box as well, so it stays within the light gray border.

    I've tried a different setInterval methods, but it just isn't working for me...

    Here's what I've got; http://blockis.com/jq/

    Here's jsfiddle to see the code and mess with it: http://jsfiddle.net/gPfbU/ (For some reason, the avatar and the border aren't showing up on the jsfiddle :/)

    Can anyone figure it out?

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    Ummm...neither on your page nor in the jsFiddle code do you have *ANY* JavaScript that even *ATTEMPTS* to do what you claimed you are after.

    I don't see setInterval( ) (just for example) in either spot.
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