I am implementing a context menu for the nodes of a tree control in my web page. For the most part, it is working. When I right click, the appropriate menu appears. The problem is, if I right click again immediately after that, the first menu remains, and then the general IE menu comes up. I would like to change this so that when I right click a second time, no matter where it is, the context menu disappears. And I'd rather not see the IE menu at all. Does any one know how to do this? Here is the main part of the code that I used to implement this:

function seeDirMenu()
DirMenu.style.posLeft = event.clientX;
DirMenu.style.posTop = event.clientY;
DirMenu.style.display = "inline";

function clickDirMenu()
DirMenu.style.display = "none";

function switchMenu()
if (el.className=="menuItem") {
else if (el.className=="highlightMenuItem") {

<div id="DirMenu" onclick="clickDirMenu()" onmouseover="switchMenu()" onmouseout="switchMenu()" >
<div class="menuItem" id="goLive" align="left">Go Live</div>

<span oncontextmenu="seeDirMenu(); return false">
<asp:HyperLink Target="edit" NavigateUrl='url' Runat="server" ID="hl2">Hyperlink Name

Thanks for your help,