Hello all!

I am using the original swipe.js (http://swipejs.com/) for my mobile site, so navigating my mobile site is as simple as swiping. However, instead of using the swipe.js for its original intention by using images that are all of the same size in the slides I am using page content which makes the slides various heights.

The problem here being when if I scroll halfway down any given 'page' (slide) - then swipe across, unless I am at the top of the browser, I end up swiping halfway into the next slide.

It has been recommended that I reposition the page to go to the top with scrollTo() when the Swipe callback is fired.

I simply do not know enough in order to execute something like this and would really appreciate some help.

Here is the link to the code for swipe.js - https://github.com/bradbirdsall/Swip...aster/swipe.js

Thank you,