Hi all;

I've read "A Complete ActiveX Web Control Tutorial" article at here:
I've done the all steps to create my own activex using MFC (C++).
I'm not familiar with java scripting!
When I run the downloaded "myactivex" project html files, everything is OK.
But when I create another html file exactly same as the downloaded project and use my own activex which is currently similar to the "myactivex.ocx", I don't see any event received by html code (java script)!

I mean, when pushing "submit" button, the other page containing "The parameter you entered is:" message is not displayed!!

I think the html code doesn't get any event (ParameterLoaded) from activex!

Because I've not worked with java script, I can't find the problem reason!

Or the problem is from activex or a specific setting miss in system... I don't know?!!

Please help me about this problem...

I don't think to be able to get the response on that article thread.

Thanks in Advance.