I tried to extract javascript functions from v8 engine of google chrome when the web page gets loaded.
I was able to extract several such functions from the webpages.
I've gone through ECMASCRIPT specifications but haven't found the declaration %InitializeVarGlobal.
Some suggested that the function is python-wrapped javascript.
Any insights????

(function () {
var external;
%InitializeVarGlobal("external", 0);
if ((!external)) external = { };
(external).AddSearchProvider = (function (name) {
var NativeAddSearchProvider;
NativeAddSearchProvider =init_var (<unknown literal 0x17c8c166c5f9>); NativeAddSearchProvider(name); });
.result = (external).IsSearchProviderInstalled = (function (name) {
var NativeIsSearchProviderInstalled;
NativeIsSearchProviderInstalled =init_var (<unknown literal 0x17c8c166c809>); return NativeIsSearchProviderInstalled(name); });
return .result; })