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    Is Grails worth it?

    This is half rant, half question.

    Is it worth using Grails? Iím trying to develop a relatively simple database drive web applications. My expertise is in Java so naturally Grails seemed like a good choice. At first I thought of using Spring, JPA and Hibernate, but having used that previously Iíve ran into all sorts of tedious configuration and coding work. Grails advertises itself as solving this.

    My biggest frustration with Grails are all the little things that donít work. What I mean is it doesnít work as one would intuitively think it should. Itís very rough around the edges. I run into problems constantly. Sometimes itís my lack of Grails understanding, other times Iíve discover legitimate Grails bugs.

    One major issue is the lack of good Eclipse integration. There is a Groovy and Grail plugin, but it doesnít do much other than syntax highlighting. Calling Groovy from Java and vise versa is very painful to configure. Not having good IDE support is a major bummer.

    What happens is I sit down trying to develop my web application. At the end of the day I realize that Iíve spent about 85% of the day debugging Grails related issues. If it isnít Eclipse problems then itís eager loading, fetching in the view, one-to-many relationships, weird empty file bug behavior, weird property/getter bug, it just goes on and on. This is just a sample of the issues I ran into today. My last sit down with Grails yielded a whole bunch of different issues.

    I sometimes wonder if itís worth it. Iím curious if others have experienced this. Are there people actually using Grails to productively crank out a web application? Are there other frameworks for rapid web development that I should be considering?

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    Wrong forum!

    This is the Javascript forum, not the Java forum.

    Ask a mod to move it!


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