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    regex to get referring domain

    I am trying to check the referring domain and match certain domains and got part way there but not all of the way.

    Ideally I want to check referrer and if it matches google, yahoo, bing, msn, etc. I want to get which one so I can change some stuff on the site for them.

    So far I have something like this.
    var url = document.referrer;
    patternstring =  /^https?:\/\/(\w+\.)?(google|yahoo|msn)\./;
    matcher = url.match(patternstring);
    This will match but gives back more than I want. I would only want it to give back google or yahoo or msn.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    patternstring =  /^(https?:\/\/)(\w+\.)?(google|yahoo|msn)\./;
    matcher = url.match(patternstring);
    if (matcher !=null) {  // a match was found
    alert (matcher[1]);  // http://
    alert (matcher[2]);  // www.
    alert (matcher[3]); // google or yahoo or msn

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