Hey there. I'm creating my web-site now. I'm planing to have some slide/object change by itself. I know Java Script perform this task. I have get the code and apply to the image I want. It works. My idea is each of my image upper left corner have the representative number of the slide. When the slide1 go to slide 2 automatically, the number will change colour from 1 to 2. When the user click the number, the slide will change according to the number. Let said I have 3 slide. Each slide and have no 1 ,2 ,3 move forward, move backward icon on the upper left corner. I have slide1 ,slide2, slide3 change by itself within 2.5 second. When the user go thru slide 1, slide 2 and till slide3, user find out he/she interested on slide 1 and by clicking 1 on the upper left corner, the slide will change back to slide 1. Something like showing on the home page at www.easyjet.com.EN or http://www.thomascook.com/ . Both home page show a slide. This is what exactly I want. I learn HTML code before but not Java Script. I have borrow many Java Script reference book. but no idea how to inside the number on the upper left corner on each slide and how the number work accordingly with the slide.

So sorry if you can't understand what I was talking about. But, anyone who understand me or have any idea how can I mortify the Java script to what I want. Just answer or email me to trista_soo@yahoo.com or facebook me on sym107@hotmail.com.

Thanks for your time and efforts. Your help I really appreciate. Cheers!