I put together a custom audio player using code from a few players.

The player works in CHROME perfectly. The AUDIO tag supports mp3's in Chrome. However, there are compatibility issues in other browers. The audio tag works in FireFox, but only with ogg files (which I don't have). And IE is pretty useless.

So, I need to have the player play in Chrome normally (as it is now). If the browser does not support mp3s or the audio tag, I want to default to my Flash player. And, if flash isn't supported, then I want to have a download link.

I thought that if the browser didn't support the audio tag, it would default to the embed code that I have listed in there ... but it isn't working. Odd. Any idea what is wrong?

Since I am not a strong javascript programmer, I need some way to check this. Also, there is so much javascript, the I am very hesitant to play with the code anymore (as I may mess it up).

Please help