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    Javascript to Show/hide drop down selections

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here, I actually found this site by searching for the code I have a question for.

    I'm trying to show/hide different drop down selectors, depending on what is chosen in another drop down selector. I modified a script (I found here: http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=98406) in a way that I thought would work, but its not. Can anyone help me with what I'm doing wrong?

    Here is my page: http://www.leatherexpressonline.com/...er/testing.php

    Here is my javascript: http://pastie.org/3344253

    And my drop downs: http://pastie.org/3344258

    Also, I don't want the drop downs (ids: grade1000color, grade1500color, grade2000color, grade2500color, grade3000color, grade5000color) to be shown when the page is first loaded. Only when the correct option is chosen on the drop down. So I'm guessing I should add a display:none style to those drop downs, then have them shown on the javascript?

    Thanks so much for the help

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    from what I can tell your first select box needs to have a function call in its onchange:
    <select name="Grade" id="choosegrade" onchange="ChangeDropdowns(this.value)">
    and yeah, the rest need style="display:hidden" or a similar css statement.

    the link you provided doesn't work


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