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    when is IE7 done?

    when is IE8 an acceptable minimum system requirement?

    IE8 isn't too bad with js: querySelectorAll, postMessage, localStorage, cors, JSON, etc. the CSS usually plays pretty well with valid html. in short, ie8 isn't that bad. yes, 9 is a lot better, but 8 could be worse.

    I'm trying to end support for 7 at the end of the year for the public site i maintain at work.

    in july, IE9 passed IE7 as the #2 IE for us, so i'm hoping to be under 5% IE7 over-all (it's 9.5%/all for us right now).

    my question is for those who've managed requirements before, or just maintained the web over time:

    after all, we all got rid of realplayer and frames, how did you decide when to pull the plug?

    any feedback, guidelines, thoughts, and ideas welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnd me View Post
    I'm trying to end support for 7 at the end of the year for the public site i maintain at work.
    By default, the browsers I support include the latest and previous version of IE. But writing validated XHTML Strict and CSS2, IE7 is not causing me any problems when updating a website.

    When you pull the pin on IE7 is totally up to you. The worst case scenario is losing all your IE7 visitors at the time you stop supporting it.

    When the consequences are absorbable you could pull the pin on IE7.


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