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Thread: Seeking Advice

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    Exclamation Seeking Advice

    Hi, I have been downloading and examining "gallery building" software and I find none of it links to an e-commerce option. Does anyone out there know the quickest way I can create a truly simple sales website which supplies a payment procedure for photos in an online gallery, thereby allowing javascript to #1 display a larger hover on mousover and #2 (on mouseclick) link photos (my gallery material) to an e-commerce component which offers a "payment procedure" to people visiting my gallery, specifically "bank transfer, credit card, check, PayPal etc." and will allow them to purchase my photos. The photos would be not the "large hover" ones watermarked with my own logo, but would be #3 the (presumably cached) clean, downloadable photos of a higher resolution represented by the watermarked photos and intended for sale.
    This would I assume then include a "download photo" page as part of the e-commerce "payment procedure" allowing non-watermarked photos cached safely outside the viewable gallery to be purchased.
    It sounds like such a breeze, (#1,#2,#3) and I find javascripting with little fragments of these codes, (have even been admiring the free code offered by several programmers which opens thumbnails on hover etc.) but none of it (#1,#2,#3) all stitched together.
    Anyone capable of this?

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    Photos may not be the smartest thing to offer for sale this way.

    If you want to do it, be sure that the is no way that there can have access to the full-resolution image before the have payed.

    Reason: If they can access the full-resolution image, they can also make a screenshot, and thereby avoid paying

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    You would really need server-side scripting to do this. The images would be stored in a secure location or, more likely, a database. The server-side script would then retrieve the requested/paid for image(s).

    JavaScript can't help much with this other than, perhaps, helping to display the image(s). (If JavaScript could find the image then I could as well )
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